English Conversation Practice - Finding a Car Mechanic

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JOE: "Hey Stan. Do you know any good mechanics around here?"
STAN: "Yeah. I use a really good one. What's wrong with your car?"
JOE: "I'm not sure. I think there is a problem with my transmission."
STAN: "Transmission problems can be very expensive."
JOE: "I know. I took it to an auto shop yesterday and it was so expensive. I'm looking for someone cheaper, but who can also do a good job."
STAN: "You should go to my mechanic. You can trust him and his repair costs are pretty reasonable."
JOE: "Is he close to us?"
STAN: "Yeah. His shop is just a few blocks away."
JOE: "That's good. I hope I don't have to replace the transmission. That will be really expensive."
STAN: "I know. I had to replace the transmission on my old car. The repair cost more than the price of the car."
JOE: "That's crazy! If my repair costs too much, I'm just going to buy a new car."
STAN: "Can you afford a new car?"
JOE: "No. I would have to buy a used car."
STAN: "Let me get my mechanic's phone number. You can decide what you want to do after he takes a look at your car."
JOE: "Thanks."
STAN: "I can give you a ride home if you need to leave your car there."
JOE: "If it's only a few blocks away, I'll walk. If my car is too expensive to fix, I better get used to walking."

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