English Conversation Practice - Giving up a Dog

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JANET: "Hi Alice. Do you know anyone who wants a dog?"
ALICE: "What kind of dog? Yours?"
JANET: "Yeah. We have to give our dog away."
ALICE: "Why? You love Buster."
JANET: "I know. But we just discovered that our son is allergic to dogs."
ALICE: "Really?"
JANET: "Yeah, he sneezes and gets a rash every time he pets him."
ALICE: "That's terrible."
JANET: "When Steven was a baby, we didn't know he was allergic. But now he's crawling around and playing with Buster. His symptoms get really bad."
ALICE: "I'm so sorry to hear that. You and Charlie have had Buster since he was a puppy. I remember when all three of you moved in next door."
JANET: "I know. We got Buster before our son was born. Charlie is so sad."
ALICE: "How about your relatives? Are there any family members that could take Buster? Then you can still see him whenever you want."
JANET: "I asked my sister and Charlie asked his brothers. But no one is able to take a dog right now."
ALICE: "Well, our kids are all grown up and living on their own. Stan and I get lonely sometimes. Would you like us to adopt Buster?"
JANET: "Really? You would do that?"
ALICE: "Stan and I really like Buster. He's housetrained and well-behaved. He rarely barks too."
JANET: "Don't you need to talk to Stan first!"
ALICE: "Oh, he'll say yes. He's been talking about getting a dog lately. He'll be happy it's Buster."
JANET: "Thank you so much!"
ALICE: "You can come see him anytime."
JANET: "You're the best neighbor anyone could have."

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