English Conversation Practice - Meeting Someone at the Apartment

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PAUL: "Hi. Are you new to the apartment building?"
MONICA: "Yes. My name is Monica."
PAUL: "Nice to meet you, Monica. My name is Paul. I live on the third floor, apartment number 305."
MONICA: "I live on the fourth floor in 405."
PAUL: "Hey, you live right above me."
MONICA: "That's funny. I hope I'm not too noisy. I've been moving furniture around."
PAUL: "That's ok. It doesn't bother me. Have you met any of the other neighbors?"
MONICA: "I met a few people. Everyone seems friendly here."
PAUL: "Yeah. Every month, we have a party on the rooftop. It's a potluck, so you can bring a dish to share."
MONICA: "That sounds fun! I love parties and potlucks."
PAUL: "Our next one is on Saturday at 5 pm. You should come. I'm bringing my famous pasta salad."
MONICA: "Sounds delicious. I'll make a chocolate cake."
PAUL: "I love chocolate cake. I can't wait to try it."
MONICA: "Thanks for letting me know about the party."
PAUL: "There should be an invitation in your mailbox. Everyone gets one."
MONICA: "I better check the mailbox then. I still have so much unpacking to do."
PAUL: "Do you need help moving any more furniture?"
MONICA: "No. My brother helped me last night. I'm done with the big items. I just need to unpack pots and pans and dishes now."
PAUL: "Ok. Let me know if you need help. See you at the party."

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