English Conversation Practice - Opening a Bank Account for Child

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PETER: "What are you doing today?"
MARK: "Hi Peter. I'm taking my son to the bank. He got his first paycheck yesterday, so we're going to open a bank account for him."
PETER: "That's a great idea."
MARK: "Yeah, I hope this will teach him how to save money and use it wisely."
PETER: "We did that with our kids too. Is he excited about it?"
MARK: "Not really. He wants to spend it all on video games."
PETER: "Well, it's his first paycheck, so I'm sure he wants to spend his own money."
MARK: "I understand that. He knows he can spend it any way he wants to. I just want him to be able to learn how to save some too."
PETER: "Yeah, I totally understand. My first son spent his whole paycheck each time. Now he doesn't have anything saved. My second son saves and saves."
MARK: "I'm hoping Jonathan saves and saves."
PETER: "Now my older son always borrows money from his younger brother."
MARK: "Wow! Does your younger son loan him money?"
PETER: "Yeah, but he adds on interest."
MARK: "That's funny and smart. He's like a bank."
PETER: "He wants to be a banker one day."
MARK: "This is giving him great experience."
PETER: "Yeah, but not a great relationship with his brother."

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