Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

How long does it take for each audio file to load when I click on it?

All audio files should play within a couple of seconds. If the lesson is very long and the file is big, it might take up to 10 seconds to load.

It's taking longer than usual for the sound to come out? Why is it taking so long to play an audio file?

If you notice a decrease in speed, it is likely that you are lacking memory. Memory is used frequently, and if you never turn off your computer, your memory might be tied up. Try rebooting your computer. This should help. If it doesn't, then it could be a problem on our end and we will look into it.

Why won't the audio files play at all?

The most common problem is that users are not clicking on the sentence. Each audio file does not play automatically. A sentence that is blue (which turns orange when you hover your mouse over it) needs to be clicked in order to hear the audio file.

If you are having trouble with the Android App or the iPhone App, the most common reason the audio file will not play is because the app was not properly installed.  Please delete the App from your device, reboot your device, and then try to install it again.  If you are installing the Offline version, please make sure you are connected to fast Internet.  Finally, please do not turn off the data or leave the WIFI area until the download is complete.

My question is not here. What should I do?

If the question you are looking for is not here, feel free to contact us at anytime. You can find contact information at the Contacts Page, or you can directly email us at