How to Use "Improve" with Example Sentences

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Study Vocabulary Words improve (v): to make something better


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Used with adverbs:

"His health improved dramatically over the weekend."
(dramatically, considerably, significantly, greatly, tremendously, remarkably, noticeably)

"John's writing has definitely improved this year."
(definitely, certainly, consistently, continually, gradually, steadily)

"The road conditions quickly improved overnight."
(quickly, rapidly)

Used with verbs:

"The weather should continue to improve tonight."
(continue, begin)

"He is trying to improve his skills."
(be + trying, be + hoping)

"Help me improve my grades."

Used with nouns:

"His condition improved."
(condition, circumstances, health, situation, symptoms)

"I hope the economy improves."
(economy, quality, service, weather)

"How can we improve our appearance?"
(appearance, atmosphere, attendance, chances, communication, conditions, grades, health, image, knowledge, performance, productivity, relationship, scores, situation, skills)

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