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Monthly Membership

  • Web access to all 4,000+ lessons
  • Listen to over 40,000 audio files
  • Members only forum to ask questions
  • Practice with other students
  • Try 1st month for only $1

Billed once a month


1-Year Membership

  • Web access to all 4,000+ lessons
  • Listen to over 40,000 audio files
  • Members only forum to ask questions
  • Practice with other students
  • Save 25% off monthly membership

Billed $72 once a year


Offline/Online Package

  • All lessons and features from Basic and Pro plans
  • Offline Desktop Program to study without Internet
  • Special Mobile App with more features, quizzes, and functionality
  • Includes web acess for 1 year with the option to renew each year for just $20. That is an 80% discount off the Basic plan price!
$120 one time
What lessons does SKESL have?
The SKESL System has over 4,000 premium English lessons to help you become fluent. There are over 40,000 audio files to help you learn perfect pronunciation and become a great English speaker.

There are also hundreds of interactive lessons and quizzes, so you will get a lot of practice and improve quickly.

Complete members will have access to even more special features with the Special Mobile App and Offline Desktop Program.

What English Lessons
What are interactive lessons?
There are thousands of lessons that let you practice real and natural English to improve fast.

With our Interactive Conversation courses, you can read, hear, and actually practice speaking with natural English conversations. And with the SKESL Mobile App, you can record your voice to hear how you sound.

The SKESL System is not just text lessons. With over 40,000 audio files, quizzes, and activities, you will actively learn English and become fluent fast. Reading, listening, practicing, and then testing your understanding will help develop your English skills quickly.

What are Interactive Lessons
What is the Members Forum?
The Members Forum is cool place to chat and learn English. has professional English teachers to help you with your English problems.

Or you can meet and chat with other members from all over the world. But remember, English only!

Learn Real English
What is the Offline Desktop Program?
It is another special feature that is only for our Complete members. The Offline Desktop Program has every lesson that is on, but you do not need Internet access to use it.

Our Complete members get access to the website, the Offline Desktop Program to study on their computer even without Internet, and our Special Mobile App to study anytime anywhere using their mobile device.

Gain confidence in English
What is the special SKESL mobile app?
This is a special feature for our Complete members. The SKESL Mobile App includes every lesson that is on the SKESL website and Offline Desktop Program.

Complete members can study with the SKESL Mobile App when they are connected to the Internet or they can download the lessons and study even when they are not connected.

Plus, the SKESL Mobile App also includes extra features like an MP3 Listening Player to listen to hundreds of original English conversations and hundreds of interactive grammar quizzes to practice English grammar.

Learn Real English

Pricing FAQs

I don't have a credit card. How can I pay?

If you do not have a credit card, you can pay with PayPal, Amazon, or with a check or money order.

If I have problems downloading the offline version, can I try again at a later time?

You can keep trying until you have downloaded the entire program. If you have any trouble, we will help you until everything is working.

If my computer crashes or if I get a new computer, can I download it again on my new computer?

Yes, you can download again on your new computer. We will keep your information safe and will allow you to download it at anytime.

Can I talk to other users and teachers?

You can talk with other students and teachers in the Members Forum. You can find the Members Forum on the main page after you sign in.

I paid but I didn't get my lessons and I didn't receive any emails.

After you pay and sign up, you will automatically get an email with all your information. If you did not get the email, then please verify the following that the email address that you provided is correct. You may also check your junk mail folder just in case. If you are still having a problem, please email us at

Can I try it for free before I sign up?

We have a special where you can try everything for an entire month for just $1. If you do not like it, you can cancel before the end of the month and you will not be charged again.

Are there any discounts?

We provide the first month for just $1 on the monthly plan. We also provide a 25% discount for the yearly plan. Finally, if you purchase the Complete Package, you get a free one year online membership with an option to renew each year for 80% off.

Can I switch plans?

Yes. You can sign up for the monthly plan and try it for a month for just $1. If you like it and want to get more discounts, you can switch to the Pro or Complete plan at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your membership anytime before the next billing cycle.

Can I keep the offline version if I cancel my subscription?

Yes. If you purchased the Complete SKEL Package, you may keep both the Desktop Offline Version and the Mobile app Offline Version even if you cancel your membership.

How do I update my billing information?

You can change your billing and account information in the "My Account" section in the drop down menu on the main page.

If you have other questions that are not here, please email us at

Best deal for English program in the world. My English improves so much. Thank you one million times.
Sohyun from Korea