Vocabulary Book 1: Words 1 - 200

This book contains the most frequently used words in spoken English from 1 - 200. Please read the instrutions below before starting the lessons.
  • Listening: Click on "Listen to the Lesson" to listen to the audio file for the entire section
  • Speaking: Click on any blue sentence to play the audio file for that word and then repeat out loud what you hear
  • Practice: Click on "Listen with pause" and repeat each sentence before the next sentence starts
IMPORTANT: Please repeat out loud and continue practicing until you can say it like the native English speaker from the audio file. If you study in this manner, you will improve your speaking and listening!

1. the2. a3. you
4. are5. for6. that
7. it8. as9. be
10. on11. your12. with
13. can14. have15. this
16. an17. by18. not
19. but20. at21. from
22. I23. they24. more
25. will26. if27. some
28. there29. what30. about
31. which32. when33. their
34. all35. also36. how
37. many38. do39. has
40. most41. people42. other
43. time44. so45. was
46. we47. these48. may
49. like50. use51. into
52. than53. up54. out
55. who56. them57. make
58. because59. such60. through
61. get62. work63. even
64. different65. its66. new
67. film68. just69. only
70. see71. used72. good
73. water74. been75. need
76. should77. very78. any
79. history80. often81. way
82. well83. art84. know
85. were86. then87. my
88. first89. would90. money
91. each92. over93. world
94. information95. map96. find
97. where98. much99. take
100. want101. important102. family
103. those104. example105. while
106. look107. government108. before
109. help110. between111. go
112. own113. however114. business
115. great116. his117. being
118. another119. health120. same
121. study122. why123. few
124. game125. might126. think
127. free128. too129. had
130. right131. still132. system
133. after134. computer135. best
136. must137. her138. life
139. since140. could141. does
142. now143. during144. learn
145. around146. usually147. form
148. meat149. air150. day
151. place152. become153. number
154. public155. read156. keep
157. part158. start159. year
160. every161. field162. large
163. once164. available165. down
166. give167. fish168. human
169. both170. local171. sure
172. something173. without174. come
175. me176. back177. better
178. general179. process180. she
181. heat182. thanks183. specific
184. enough185. long186. lot
187. hand188. popular189. small
190. though191. experience192. include
193. job194. music195. person
196. really197. although198. thank
199. book200. early