Vocabulary Book 8: Words 1401 - 1600

This book contains the most frequently used words in spoken English from 1401 - 1600. Please read the instrutions below before starting the lessons.
  • Listening: Click on "Listen to the Lesson" to listen to the audio file for the entire section
  • Speaking: Click on any blue sentence to play the audio file for that word and then repeat out loud what you hear
  • Practice: Click on "Listen with pause" and repeat each sentence before the next sentence starts
IMPORTANT: Please repeat out loud and continue practicing until you can say it like the native English speaker from the audio file. If you study in this manner, you will improve your speaking and listening!

1401. impress1402. install1403. interview
1404. kid1405. match1406. mission
1407. nobody1408. obvious1409. ourselves
1410. owner1411. pain1412. pleasure
1413. priority1414. repeat1415. round
1416. score1417. seek1418. sharp
1419. shop1420. shower1421. sing
1422. slide1423. strip1424. suit
1425. thick1426. tone1427. totally
1428. twice1429. whereas1430. window
1431. wise1432. anticipate1433. assume
1434. consideration1435. count1436. dead
1437. delivery1438. election1439. enhance
1440. football1441. guidance1442. hotel
1443. mark1444. participate1445. protection
1446. screw1447. sex1448. suggestion
1449. tension1450. variation1451. wish
1452. agent1453. anxiety1454. band
1455. bath1456. block1457. bone
1458. bread1459. cap1460. careful
1461. collect1462. combine1463. command
1464. construction1465. contest1466. corner
1467. court1468. cup1469. divide
1470. door1471. east1472. elsewhere
1473. emotion1474. equivalent1475. everywhere
1476. finger1477. garage1478. guarantee
1479. guest1480. hang1481. height
1482. himself1483. hole1484. hook
1485. hunt1486. initial1487. latter
1488. layer1489. lie1490. mall
1491. march1492. married1493. meeting
1494. mention1495. nearby1496. neither
1497. nose1498. parking1499. partner
1500. perfectly1501. profile1502. proud
1503. recording1504. relate1505. respect
1506. rice1507. sample1508. schedule
1509. settle1510. smell1511. somehow
1512. spiritual1513. survey1514. swimming
1515. tie1516. transportation1517. unhappy
1518. wild1519. winter1520. atmosphere
1521. awareness1522. calendar1523. candidate
1524. climate1525. coat1526. comparison
1527. confusion1528. dig1529. district
1530. elevator1531. employee1532. employer
1533. except1534. implement1535. intend
1536. introduce1537. leadership1538. lecture
1539. manager1540. manner1541. narrow
1542. obviously1543. operation1544. physically
1545. routine1546. telephone1547. tip
1548. absolutely1549. adult1550. airline
1551. apart1552. assure1553. attract
1554. bed1555. bill1556. boring
1557. brief1558. cake1559. charity
1560. crazy1561. curve1562. designer
1563. distribute1564. dress1565. ease
1566. eastern1567. editor1568. efficiency
1569. emergency1570. escape1571. evening
1572. excitement1573. farm1574. feedback
1575. fight1576. gap1577. gather
1578. grade1579. guitar1580. hate
1581. holiday1582. homework1583. horror
1584. husband1585. leader1586. loan
1587. logical1588. mistake1589. mom
1590. mountain1591. nail1592. noise
1593. none1594. owe1595. package
1596. patient1597. permission1598. presentation
1599. prior1600. promotion