Vocabulary Book 3: Words 401 - 600

This book contains the most frequently used words in spoken English from 401 - 600. Please read the instrutions below before starting the lessons.
  • Listening: Click on "Listen to the Lesson" to listen to the audio file for the entire section
  • Speaking: Click on any blue sentence to play the audio file for that word and then repeat out loud what you hear
  • Practice: Click on "Listen with pause" and repeat each sentence before the next sentence starts
IMPORTANT: Please repeat out loud and continue practicing until you can say it like the native English speaker from the audio file. If you study in this manner, you will improve your speaking and listening!

401. almost402. garden403. international
404. lower405. open406. player
407. range408. reason409. travel
410. video411. week412. additional
413. especially414. management415. variety
416. rate417. above418. future
419. site420. cook421. determine
422. according423. demand424. ever
425. exercise426. following427. image
428. quickly429. special430. working
431. alternative432. case433. cause
434. coast435. probably436. security
437. true438. whole439. action
440. age441. among442. bad
443. boat444. country445. dance
446. exam447. excuse448. grow
449. movie450. record451. result
452. organization453. section454. across
455. already456. below457. building
458. mouse459. allow460. cash
461. class462. clear463. dry
464. easy465. emotional466. equipment
467. live468. nothing469. period
470. plan471. store472. physics
473. tax474. analysis475. cold
476. full477. low478. old
479. purchase480. series481. side
482. subject483. supply484. therefore
485. thought486. commercial487. directly
488. involved489. itself490. policy
491. political492. basis493. boyfriend
494. deal495. direction496. mean
497. primary498. space499. strategy
500. technology501. worth502. army
503. yet504. camera505. fall
506. freedom507. paper508. rule
509. similar510. stock511. weather
512. bring513. chance514. everyone
515. figure516. improve517. man
518. positive519. produce520. search
521. source522. environment523. model
524. necessary525. beginning526. child
527. earth528. else529. healthy
530. instance531. maintain532. month
533. present534. program535. spend
536. talk537. truth538. upset
539. begin540. chicken541. close
542. feature543. head544. material
545. medical546. question547. rock
548. salt549. tell550. themselves
551. university552. writing553. creative
554. design555. financial556. marketing
557. purpose558. traditional559. act
560. birth561. car562. cost
563. dog564. drive565. exist
566. goal567. green568. late
569. news570. object571. sun
572. support573. article574. department
575. difference576. scale577. tend
578. thus579. federal580. audience
581. enjoy582. entire583. fishing
584. glad585. growth586. income
587. marriage588. note589. perform
590. proper591. related592. remove
593. rent594. return595. run
596. speed597. strong598. user
599. war600. fit