Vocabulary Book 4: Words 601 - 800

This book contains the most frequently used words in spoken English from 601 - 800. Please read the instrutions below before starting the lessons.
  • Listening: Click on "Listen to the Lesson" to listen to the audio file for the entire section
  • Speaking: Click on any blue sentence to play the audio file for that word and then repeat out loud what you hear
  • Practice: Click on "Listen with pause" and repeat each sentence before the next sentence starts
IMPORTANT: Please repeat out loud and continue practicing until you can say it like the native English speaker from the audio file. If you study in this manner, you will improve your speaking and listening!

601. profit602. style603. throughout
604. actual605. bank606. combination
607. content608. due609. easily
610. failure611. half612. inside
613. meaning614. medicine615. middle
616. outside617. regular618. reserve
619. standard620. appropriate621. complex
622. craft623. effective624. eventually
625. exactly626. philosophy627. bus
628. decide629. eye630. fast
631. fire632. leave633. original
634. position635. reach636. rest
637. serve638. stress639. teacher
640. watch641. wide642. exchange
643. identify644. independent645. pressure
646. beautiful647. benefit648. box
649. charge650. communication651. complete
652. continue653. issue654. night
655. protect656. require657. step
658. successful659. unless660. advantage
661. frame662. limited663. significant
664. active665. break666. electrical
667. energy668. expensive669. face
670. interested671. item672. metal
673. nation674. negative675. occur
676. paint677. review678. road
679. room680. safe681. soup
682. stay683. structure684. visit
685. write686. wrong687. chemistry
688. cycle689. disease690. disk
691. pregnant692. role693. screen
694. view695. visual696. account
697. advertising698. affect699. ago
700. anyone701. avoid702. ball
703. behind704. cover705. location
706. medium707. prepare708. quick
709. ready710. report711. rise
712. share713. success714. approach
715. certainly716. concerned717. discipline
718. normally719. balance720. black
721. bottom722. build723. gift
724. impact725. machine726. math
727. moment728. painting729. shape
730. straight731. walk732. white
733. wind734. addition735. apartment
736. bit737. choice738. education
739. politics740. tool741. achieve
742. address743. average744. believe
745. career746. decision747. direct
748. excellent749. intelligent750. morning
751. pick752. poor753. pretty
754. property755. receive756. seem
757. shopping758. sign759. student
760. table761. task762. attention
763. beyond764. culture765. event
766. extra767. interesting768. junior
769. pot770. unique771. wood
772. anything773. condition774. contact
775. credit776. currently777. discuss
778. egg779. entertainment780. final
781. happy782. hope783. ice
784. lift785. mix786. network
787. north788. office789. overall
790. responsible791. separate792. square
793. stop794. teach795. classic
796. competition797. distribution798. population
799. president800. private