Vocabulary Book 5: Words 801 - 1000

This book contains the most frequently used words in spoken English from 801 - 1000. Please read the instrutions below before starting the lessons.
  • Listening: Click on "Listen to the Lesson" to listen to the audio file for the entire section
  • Speaking: Click on any blue sentence to play the audio file for that word and then repeat out loud what you hear
  • Practice: Click on "Listen with pause" and repeat each sentence before the next sentence starts
IMPORTANT: Please repeat out loud and continue practicing until you can say it like the native English speaker from the audio file. If you study in this manner, you will improve your speaking and listening!

801. realize802. unit803. western
804. alone805. category806. concern
807. contain808. cute809. date
810. effect811. fly812. follow
813. helpful814. link815. perfect
816. performance817. post818. recent
819. refer820. solve821. star
822. voice823. attempt824. cigarette
825. context826. extremely827. familiar
828. finally829. introduction830. official
831. opportunity832. willing833. born
834. broad835. capital836. comfortable
837. describe838. despite839. driver
840. flat841. flight842. friend
843. gain844. him845. length
846. nice847. prefer848. prevent
849. rich850. save851. self
852. soon853. stand854. warm
855. bright856. challenge857. constantly
858. magazine859. maybe860. newspaper
861. properly862. relationship863. shot
864. specifically865. teaching866. wonderful
867. young868. ahead869. cell
870. couple871. dealer872. debate
873. ensure874. exit875. expect
876. fail877. finding878. front
879. heavy880. hello881. highly
882. lack883. lake884. listen
885. living886. member887. message
888. phone889. plastic890. serious
891. slowly892. speak893. summer
894. taste895. towards896. track
897. whatever898. wing899. worry
900. brush901. daily902. discover
903. experienced904. function905. immediately
906. impossible907. invest908. lead
909. plant910. reduce911. relatively
912. scene913. spot914. theme
915. valuable916. appear917. brain
918. button919. click920. correct
921. desire922. explain923. explore
924. express925. fixed926. foot
927. housing928. huge929. leading
930. lose931. meet932. mood
933. notice934. rain935. rare
936. sell937. slow938. upon
939. woman940. appearance941. association
942. concept943. customer944. death
945. discussion946. fairly947. gas
948. handle949. inflation950. influence
951. insurance952. involve953. primarily
954. release955. technical956. typical
957. wall958. advice959. agree
960. base961. blood962. clean
963. distance964. effort965. electronic
966. expression967. feeling968. finish
969. hear970. normal971. opinion
972. otherwise973. pair974. payment
975. remain976. represent977. ride
978. secret979. skill980. spring
981. staff982. sugar983. text
984. wait985. wealth986. plus
987. whenever988. whose989. afford
990. completely991. critical992. damage
993. fresh994. press995. savings
996. spread997. tough998. widely
999. competitive1000. immediate